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Acorn Lodge Shropshire
Acorn Lodge Shropshire   Acorn Lodge Shropshire


Poppy field


2014 of course is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War, The stories of loss and suffering have touched many people, including Clive’s niece Julie Callcott who was inspired to write this poem as a tribute. It has previously been published in the ‘Black Country Bugle’ of November 6th 2014

All Angels Remembered

by Julie Callcott

Red petals fall

As the candles glow,

Our heroes have gone

But we still know,

Just how much

They will be missed

As the red petals fall.

The poppy is special

A symbol so bold

Just as it’s always been

It never gets old,

It is used to remember

The soldiers who died

It’s full of emotion

Holds the tears we have cried,

So sad to know our loved ones have gone

But memories of them will for ever live on.

War grave

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