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Acorn Lodge Shropshire
Acorn Lodge Shropshire   Acorn Lodge Shropshire


1ST FEBRUARY we have a dry day but with a sprinkling of snow, had a few nice days in January so we went out and about.

2nd January a visit to the welsh coast a lovely dry day people were even swimming and surfing in the sea.

Next outing to Malvern then a visit to the Midlands to see some friends.

Called into the Ludlow Food Centre, newly renamed as the Ludlow Farm Shop to see their new set up.

A few shopping trips for our new extension.

Clive has now purchased all his seeds for his garden which he missed doing in 2018 so he is looking forward to the spring.

The wind blew over one of my daffodils so I have it in vase in the house. The snow drops are all out in and around the garden and Lodge.

A big thank you for your deposits. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Valentine Week is available so is all of March.

Not many weeks available In the Summer

13th April to 27th April

25th May to 1st June

27th July to 7th September (first week in September is now available due to a cancellation)


The weather should be a lot better in the coming months!

Some photos of the flowers in the garden.

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