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Acorn Lodge Shropshire
Acorn Lodge Shropshire   Acorn Lodge Shropshire

Gold Award for Another Year

At last we have now been assessed for our membership with Visit England but assessed by the AA.

This time a charming gentleman came to assess Acorn Lodge and he was taken aback with the view, here is a snippet from the overall statement.

“Acorn Lodge at Thomas house continues to offer high standard of comfortable

very well maintained accommodation, for which Mr & Mrs Shakespeare, the Proprietors are very much to be commended. The proprietors should also be commended on the continual investment and maintaining of these standards helping ensure that the property sits comfortably at the upper end of the Four Star Self Catering rating band. Sectional consistency scores also being well met overall at this level.

It is also a pleasure to confirm the Gold award for another year, reflecting the care and attention afforded by the Propertors”

He ended with this,

"A special mention should be made of the high standard of housekeeping and cleanliness seen on the day. A real credit to the Shakespeares."

Clive and I are delighted once again to achieve the 4 star Self Catering Accommodation with a Gold Award.

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