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Acorn Lodge Shropshire
Acorn Lodge Shropshire   Acorn Lodge Shropshire



It has been a good month for sunny days out so Clive and I have been out and about during October on some fantastic days, too good to miss.


On our 56th Wedding anniversary a lovely day to the sea in Wales stopped on the way at Dinas Mawddwy and I cooked Clive his special Egg and Bacon in a little car park surrounded by mountains then onto Barmouth and

Harlech Castle about 85 miles from the Lodge.


Another day to Symonds Yat then up onto the Rock, the view of the river Wye was spectacular had our picnic lunch there. Then onto Monmouth a very interesting market town with no parking restrictions.


Nearer home to a lovely Church at Yarpole about 5 miles away which has added a Cafe and shop run by volunteers. Well worth a visit and information on their website is very informative.


Around Elton and the surrounding area another afternoon and then to Westhope and Flounders Folly.


Few photos for you to see.





What a pity we had so few guests during October!


11th November is a very special day to remember all those that sacrifice their lives 100 years ago including my(Dorothy) Grandfather, who is buried in France.

A letter came to my attention recently.

The letter was sent to my Grandmother.

It was regarding my Grandad, a brave man who I never knew.

It was from his sergeant and described how he ( my Grandad ) was hit by a gas bomb while serving with the South Staffs as a stretcher bearer. The injuries subsequently  killed him.

He was one of many brave souls who lost their lives in World War One.


Private Henry Read our grandad who neither of us ever knew Buried in Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery near Arras France Died 11-October 1916 from his wounds


Bless you Grandad we will never forget you and how brave you were Cliff, Dorothy, Bernard


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