End of Autumn

Autumn is fast fading into winter here at Hope Bagot, and the first frosts have come to what has until now been a very mild November.  Still, some guests enjoy a winter visit.  Despite the shorter days, there is a lot of beauty to be found in the landscape as it changes with the seasons, and some views are opened up that are difficult to see when all is in full leaf.  The lighting, too, can be very dramatic, as one of our guests noticed when capturing the famous view of Ludlow from the Whitcliffe.

lthough some attractions do not operate in winter, there are compensations in the form of special winter festivals and displays.  The little town of Tenbury Wells has a wonderful show of Christmas lights.  They string out across the Teme Bridge and reflect off the dark water of the river below, while many of the individual shops make a special effort to decorate their windows in the way many small shopkeepers did in years gone by.  It’s a refreshing change from the plastic stickers in the windows of big supermarkets!

Of course, all this sightseeing can be a chilly business, so it’s nice to think that (thanks to its clever design and good insulation), Acorn Lodge is always snug and warm to come back to, and to enjoy a cosy evening around our logburner!