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Acorn Lodge Shropshire
Acorn Lodge Shropshire   Acorn Lodge Shropshire

June – Midsummer blooms

Although June has so far been down in temperature from what we would expect, the warm Spring followed by rain has brought everything into full blossom both around our farm and further afield throughout the Border Country.

Our roses are particularly fine this year, as are the displays in our troughs and borders around Acorn Lodge and Thomas House.




The Poppy Fields at Droppingstone Farm in Worcestershire are magnificent at the moment. The pictures shows how they set even a dull day aflame. Splendid views of them can be had from the Severn Valley Railway between Bewdley and Kidderminster. We keep timetables for the Railway in our Lodge, and it is less than an hour’s drive to Bewdley Station.

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