road tours to find things to do in Shropshire

Quiet Lanes to Craven Arms


Road Tours Book – Things to do in Shropshire


Visitors to Acorn Lodge will be pleased to discover that there are two local guidebooks for their exclusive use that are available nowhere else.  Written by Welsh Marches enthusiast and friend of the family Jane Miller, these books cover both Road Tours to find things to do in Shropshire and local Shropshire walks. All are centred on your accommodation.

The road tours book Hidden Gems in the Central Welsh Marches” deals with some of the lesser-known but delightful attractions to be found within an approximate 25-mile radius of Acorn Lodge.  Each tour is accompanied by a description of the route to the attraction, a short piece about the place itself, a road map, and a photograph or two of the locality.  Any sections of narrow or single-track roads are noted, along with any features of the destination that may be an issue for less able visitors.  The routes vary in length from under 5 miles to between 25-30 miles, and have been chosen to offer as much variety as possible, whilst still being a practical proposition even in the short days of winter.  Each route has been personally driven, and the attraction explored by, the author.  Care has been taken to include both indoor and outdoor destinations for things to do in Shropshire, to allow for weather variation during your stay. 

If cycling in Shropshire appeals to you and a cycling holiday is more your thing then you will find that some of the routes are suitable for fit cyclists who are used to cycling in hill country.

The book with routes, maps and cycling maps can be borrowed from Mrs. Shakespeare during your stay. For more information please contact us.